Art in Repose


Art in Repose is a book that is meant to inform newcomers and beginners on the various methods which are taken to preserving insect and animal remains.

The art direction for Art in Repose takes inspiration from old storybooks, gothic home decor, vintage filigree and of course, nature. Art in Repose’s imagery is solely illustrative, to give it a lighter and more welcoming atmosphere, whilst keeping the stylization moderately low in order to accurately reflect the subject matter.

Art in Repose book mockup Art in Repose book jacket flat artwork Art in Repose inside spread of table of contents Art in Repose inside spread of introduction to the Cleaning Bones chapter


Working alongside the book, the Art in Repose app creates a unique digital experience that appeals to Vulture Culture hobbyists. It is a place where users can get a taste of the creative aspects of the artform in a fast and immersive digital manner.

Using AR technology and the device's camera, the app is able to scan illustrations from the book and make those specimens come to life on the user’s screen. Then, users are prompted to create their own pieces of artwork with these digital specimens by changing their fur colour, choosing how they would like their animal to be displayed, and they can even add text or backgrounds to create a complete composition.

Once finished, users can capture their digital specimens in their own environments and save, share, or print their creations.

Art in Repose app screens